Benjamin Moore Rollers Woven Shed Resistant Sleeve


Provides an ultra-smooth finish on the wall. Ideal for interior application. Works with all paints, enamel and sheens, and best with semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes.



  • Microfiber 9" w x 3/8" Paint Roller Cover, 1 pack
  • Distributes paint evenly, creating an ultra-smooth finish on the wall
  • Ideal for interior applications for a smooth, spray-like finish
  • Fewer fibers in the paint for smoother results
  • Unique fiber blend grips and holds paint, virtually eliminating spatter and dripping
  • Results show reduced stipple when compared to like fabrics
  • Good for all paints and stains, especially faster-drying low-VOC coatings including AURA® Interior Paint
  • For homeowners or professionals