On Site Consultation

Interior Design Consultations

Interior Design Consultations are the beginning of every design journey with Abi's Interiors.

Consultations are fun and interactive on-site (or virtual) working sessions, where we’ll discuss your most pressing design challenges, explore your project needs, the desired outcome and generally get to know each other.

Thanks to the information we gather prior to the session, we can hit the ground running and maximise our time together, providing you with specific suggestions and advice.

Abigail will arrive well prepared with carefully selected samples based on your personal preferences to help illustrate her ideas. She’ll also identify the changes that could have the biggest impact and sometimes even tweak a few things right then and there.

Do you have a design project you need help with?

Book your appointment online by sending an email to Abigail and start your project today. You can also book by calling 99141200 or popping in to The Colour Centre Shop.