HOUSESHIELD PU Roof Coating Acrylic Hybrid – CS 054


CS 598 Metal Guard is a hard, tough durable enamel for metal surfaces. It forms a Rust-Preventive coating on properly primed metal surfaces. Features excellent adhesion, hiding and leveling properties. Superior weather resistance and color retention. Ideal for new primed metal or previously painted surfaces, such as doors, railing, frames, windows, industrial equipment.

Performance Features
 Hard wearing, durable, weather resistant.
 Has superb levelling and hiding qualities.
 Excellent sag resistance.
 Low odour during application.
 Use on exterior and interior surfaces.
 Deep, long-lasting full gloss.
 Suitable for high use or commercial areas.
Colors: White, black and over 3.500 tinted colors are available from the Moor-O-Matic Color System.
Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury.
Gloss Level: 90 - 95 at 60 degree viewing angle.