Dulux Trade Weathershield Yacht Varnish

Dulux Trade Weathershield Yacht Varnish

Sizes available:1 Litre

Weathershield Yacht Varnish is a highly durable and flexible solvent-based coating for the decoration and protection of exterior woodwork. It contains UV filters which protect against strong sunlight and its high build full gloss finish lasts for up to 3 years. Suitable for hardwoods and softwoods.
When applied externally on new or bare wood it should be used in conjunction with Weathershield Preservative Basecoat+.

Colour Range: Clear Gloss.
Pigment: UV Absorbing Pigments.
Binder: Oleoresins plus a Fungicide, for the purpose of protecting the film.
Composition (nominal)
Solvent: Low Odour Aliphatic Hydrocarbons.
Volume Solids: 48% (nominal).

Application: Method Brush only. For Health and Safety reasons related to all solvent-based paints, spray
application is not recommended.
Thinning: Do not thin this product.

Film Thickness: Film thickness will be dependent upon the coverage achieved. A nominal figure at 20m2 per
litre will give a wet film thickness of 62.5 microns.
Single coat at standard thickness:
Touch Dry: 6-8 hours.
Drying Times: Recoat: 16-24 hours.
Practical Coverage On smooth surfaces of average porosity a litre of varnish is sufficient to apply one coat
to an area of up to 16m2.
Cleaning Up: After use, remove as much varnish as possible from brushes before cleaning with white