Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood Tinted Colours


Product Description


Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood is an advanced water-based, satin finish paint that provides a smooth, durable top coat for use on both interior wood and metal. Ready for a second coat in just 4-6 hours, this quick-dry satinwood paint will allow you to complete a project in just one day. Perfect for interior skirting boards, sills, bannisters and interior metal trim.

Available in hundreds of colours including RAL, BSC and colour matching. 

Applying Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood



Stir thoroughly before applying 2 coats using a brush, roller or spray. For best results, we recommend using a synthetic brush.

Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood

  • Fast drying formula, ready for recoat after 4-6 hours

  • Tough, durable satin finish

  • Available in a wide range of colours including colour matching

  • Low VOC