Wood & Metal Enamel Gloss 579 White


A superb quality alkyd enamel that lasts for years indoors or out. Recommended for use on primed wood and metal surfaces. Features excellent levelling, quick dry, high gloss, durability, color retention, weather resistance and easy washability. The low odour characteristics result in more pleasant interior application. Formulated without lead.

Performance Features
 Hard wearing, durable, weather resistant.
 Has superb levelling and hiding qualities.
 Excellent sag resistance.
 Low odour during application.
 Use on exterior and interior surfaces.
 Deep, long-lasting full gloss.
 Suitable for high use or commercial areas.
Colors: White, black and over 3.500 tinted colors are available from the Color System.
Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury.
Gloss Level: 90 - 95 at 60 degree viewing angle.