Silicone Concrete Stain (098)


A solvent based penetrating stain made from siliconized acrylic resin that gives a low sheen finish to porous surfaces. Designed to give long-lasting color retention and weather resistance, its colors offers fast dry and easy application. Use to protect and beautify natural building materials such as porous stones, unfinished marble and “mosaic” and artificial building materials such as brick, roof tiles and concrete. Suitable for poured and pre-cast concrete tennis courts, garage, basement, factory and warehouse floors, patios, carports and driveways. As with all stains, do not use on previously painted or non-porous surfaces. Formulated without lead.


Performance Features
• Protects and beautifies concrete and other porous masonry
building materials. • Use on exterior and interior surfaces. • Good color retention and weather resistance.
Colors : Clear.
Do not tint.
Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury
Gloss Level: Low sheen.